What are the essential check-up during a car service?

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The basic processes of changing the oil, getting scheduled inspections of the car, and monitoring the tyre pressure are like the checkups that people do at a clinic.

These checks are intended to keep the vehicle healthy and help the car owner or a mechanic catch serious issues before they turn into major problems.

Some of the other necessary check-ups are;

Brake Fluid: Anti-freeze Coolant: Windscreen Wash: Power Steering Fluid: Lights: Windscreen Wipers: Battery Condition: Charging System: Exhaust System: Tyre Tread and Pressure: Full Brake Check: Steering Check: Shock Absorbers Check: Suspension Check: Auxiliary Drive Belt Check: Wheel Alignment Check: Wheel Bearing Check, Power steering fluid, Tyre tread, Alignment, Air filter, Lights, Transmission fluid, etc.,

And If you find anything out of the ordinary you should not ignore it; get help from a professional in case you are not confident in handling the repair work by yourself. Feel free to connect at @Fixmycars for professional service

Starter Answered on May 20, 2021.
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