What Are New Features In Madden 21 Ultimate Team?

Where the changes are most felt in Madden 21 is in the gradual abandonment of realistic simulation. The Yard, the only new game mode in Edition 21, is moving closer to the now defunct NFL Street franchise and offering players a more playful option with NFL stars. With a game devoid of rules and relying heavily on team customization (and buying cosmetic additions), The Yard happens to be a nice distraction for more casual players and a nice way to just play with friends without having to learn all the basics of the NFL.


The mode lacks a bit of depth, but the fun is certainly there.

If the lack of realism is a beneficial element in The Yard, we can’t say the same for the QB1 mode, renewed as last year. Madden’s story mode forces us to camp a player without personality before his NFL draft and navigating the cinematics is more of a chore than a pleasure despite the introduction of NCAA teams and the appearance of a few stars to embellish the whole thing.

QB1 is as hollow as in Madden 20 and won’t surprise you if you’ve already completed it all. If you had skipped a ride with Madden 20, QB1 would give you a few hours of entertainment, no more, and offers no real motivation to come back to it afterwards. Let’s say it’s a mode that we won’t focus too much on.


Redecorate Madden Ultimate Team

As usual, the emphasis on Ultimate Team mode (MUT 21 Coins) is huge because of the very lucrative micro-transactions for EA Sports.

If it’s your favorite trend from year to year, you’ll find much the same as in Madden 20. The changes are mainly cosmetic in terms of menus and the look of trading cards.

For players who don’t want to pay money, MUT is a game mode with its limits unless you have unlimited time to give the game to fine-tune a star team.

MUT is also a very un instinctive environment for players less familiar with Madden. The menu quickly becomes confusing and it feels like you’re constantly being redirected to paid options as the mode is full of challenges at no cost for more patient players. It quickly becomes frustrating, even if the pleasure of building a dream team is real.


In a nutshell

Madden 21 is far from a reference in the franchise’s history, even if it is more of a disappointment. The game is fun and it’s the best simulation in the NFL… but it is also the only one. EA’s monopoly pushes production towards an increasingly apparent complacency about gambling. When bugs transfer from one edition to another, our questions are many.

Same thing when the game on the field is basically the same with some cosmetic changes. If Madden 20 still amuses you and you don’t want to pay nearly $100 for a team roster update, avoid Madden 21. If you want a game in your library when the new consoles are launched, Madden 21 will be transferable to the next generation at the exit, so your purchase will not be lost.

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