How to download a Bigpond for your mobile devices?

Bigpond mail email service in the earlier version was available for Windows only. In the early times, Windows was the most used operating system on laptops and computers. Now is the era of the smartphone, every other people have access to smartphones. Smartphones have made lives much easier by making things happen with just a click or touch. And looking at all such smart features, Bigpond also has launched its email service for android devices. Users must be very excited about the new version of Bigpond for Mobile devices. Learn more on Bigpond mobile with help of our Customer Care.

Here, now we will be providing the user with steps to download Bigpond on your mobile devices. Follow the points.

  • Users will have to open their Play store.
  • Then in the search section, enter Bigpond mail.
  • Tap on the Bigpond mail and tap install.
  • The system will download and install the email client automatically.
  • Once complete, open Bigpond and either create a new account or login into an existing one.

With these easy steps, Bigpond will be downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Learn how to use Bigpond mobile with the help of our Bigpond Technical Support.

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