How To Classify Die Cut Boxes


According to different paper, there are die cut box(corrugated boxes), single-layer cardboard boxes, etc. Cartons are commonly used in three or five layers, and seven layers are less used. Each layer is divided into inner paper, corrugated paper, core paper and face paper. The face paper includes tea board paper and kraft paper, and the core paper is corrugated paper.

The color and feel of all kinds of paper are different, and the paper (color and feel) produced by different manufacturers are also different. Different corrugated shape of corrugated, bonded corrugated board function is also different. Even if the same quality of face paper and lining paper are used, due to the difference of corrugated shape, the performance of corrugated paperboard is also different. Their technical specifications and requirements are shown in Table

1. The corrugated board made of A-type corrugated board has better cushioning and elasticity, followed by C-type corrugated board. However, the stiffness and impact resistance are better than those of A-type corrugations; B-type corrugations are arranged with high density, and the corrugated paperboard made of B-type corrugations has flat surface and high pressure bearing capacity, which is suitable for printing; E-type corrugations are thin and dense, showing its rigidity and strength. In the production and manufacture of corrugated boxes, generally according to the box type to distinguish.

The international standard of corrugated box type, which is jointly formulated by the European Federation of corrugated box manufacturers (FEFCO) and the Swiss paperboard Association (assco), is widely used in the world. This standard is approved by the International Corrugated Board Association and is used internationally.

According to the international standard of carton type, carton structure can be divided into basic type and combined type. The basic box type is the basic box type. There is a legend in the standard, which is generally represented by four digits. The first two digits indicate the type of box, and the last two digits indicate different types of boxes in the same type of box.

For example: 02 means slotted carton; 03 means nested carton, etc. The combination type is the combination of basic type, that is, it is composed of more than two basic box types, which are represented by multiple groups of four digit numbers or codes. For example, 0204 can be used for the top and 0215 for the bottom of a carton. With the popularity of fine goods, there are more and more white board cartons, and this industry is more and more closely related to printing, at the same time, it also promotes the development of computer graphic design.

China’s national standard gb6543-86 refers to the international standard series of box type, and specifies the basic box type of single corrugated box and double corrugated box for transport packaging. However, in the late 1980s, with the changes of circulation channels and market sales forms, a number of non-standard corrugated boxes with novel structure emerged.

With the birth of each new structure, almost a set of corresponding automatic packaging system or packaging equipment came out, which greatly enriched the application market of cartons. 3 other category editing The international standard carton has formed a complete system and regulations, the production enterprises only need to select materials and process according to the standard.

The emergence of all kinds of new non-standard cartons brings about a revolution in the corrugated box industry. The new type of non-standard carton mainly includes wrapping carton, separate carton, triangle column carton and large carton.

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