How do I cancel Southwest Airlines?

Steps to Help You Cancel Southwest Airlines tickets

As the covid-19 era continues to put restrictions on international travels, changing political scenarios and policies keeps us on our toes. People may need to change their reservations or sometimes cancel their bookings. Airlines these days are trying to be more and more linear towards cancellation and refund policies. Continue reading to learn about Southwest cancellation policy and the process to cancel Southwest Airlines tickets.

  • Open the official website and log in with your id. If you don’t have an account, skip the process.
  • Put the URL and type in your details for confirmation.
  • Next, go to the manage reservations tab and click it. A new page will open, next click on the cancel reservation link present at the top center.
  • A pop-up will appear, type in the required information again, and type continue.

Important Policies related to Cancellations

  • If the refund is initiated within 24 hours after making the reservation, the southwest refund 24 hours policy protects the monetary loss of the passenger.
  • All the reservations which are canceled 10 mins before the scheduled take-off time are reusable, but only some are refundable.
  • When applying for a refund on refundable purchases, passengers can either choose to get credit back or hold the tickets in the form of a travel fund for a future flight. But this is only applicable if changes are not made to the original reservation.
  • When you cancel a non-refundable ticket in the allotted time frame, it is converted into a travel fund.
  • If someone does not cancel the ticket and doesn’t show up, that person is not eligible for any compensation.

For further queries related to cancellation and Southwest cancellation policy, visit the official website and go through the FAQ provided. If further clarification is required, please connect with a customer care representative.


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