Guidelines for HP printer not printing black

Did you put in the black ink cartridge well?
For all their contemporary perks, printers still use a fairly rudimentary way of feeding the ink (or toner) to the printer. That fits the producers simply exceptional, as you need to continuously replace the cartridges.

It might not fit you, though, as you would possibly have completed something incorrectly while installing the black ink cartridge properly and now your HP printer is not printing black ink. This often takes place to customers who burn through a whole cartridge in much less than a week: they frequently have a tendency to overlook that cartridge set up is a delicate method and wishes to be treated cautiously each time. While no longer a rule, it additionally greater normally takes place with remanufactured HP ink cartridges than official ones, as no longer all remanufacturers adhere to the identical requirements.

So, permit’s have you ever first check out the black ink cartridge. Remove it from the printer, ensure that the plastic cowl is removed (you’d be surprised how often this is a difficulty) after which re-insert the cartridge within the function that your manual tells you to. Make certain the whole thing is nice and tight and that the cartridge feels linked to the printer

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