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The long life of a car largely depends on the proper and regular maintenance of the cars and caring for the vehicle regularly. The main problems that come up with cars is the lack of maintenance. With effective maintenance all the individual parts and thus the car as a whole would perform better and save money in the long run.

Doing regular service

Each car model has a different regular service schedule. The car’s scheduled service should be done on time, to ensure proper maintenance. During the service time, the car’s spare parts are checked and those that are problematic are replaced. Small parts like spark plugs, timing belts, wires etc., are checked and replaced. The services are best scheduled with the company or dealer to ensure proper service.

Perform self checks regularly

Every car has a voice – something that is clear only to the owner and regular user of the car. Listening to changes in the performance of the car as a whole or any of its associated spare parts would provide enough clues to identify the problem. Most of the problems could also be rectified by something as simple as listening to the whine of the engine.

Replace only with genuine parts

Car spare parts should be replaced only with original parts. Going with the brand or the company dealer works best because genuine parts are the must in replacement. The additional cost borne while using genuine parts is worth in the long run because the car and its functioning are not affected by the use of second or third grade cheaper imitation or duplicate parts. provides genuine spare parts. You can buy car brake pads, brake shoes, air filters, petrol and diesel filters, headlights, taillights etc.

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