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Car buyers in India have traditionally been categorized into two main types. The first lot prefer their hatchbacks & sedans. They drive better, their perceived social value is higher (sedans) and they’re easy to handle in the congested driving conditions. The second lot on the other hand, seem to be a bit more practical in their mind. These are the ones that buy SUV cars.

A sport utility vehicle or SUV is a vehicle similar to estate car, or van usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on- or off-road ability. Getting its head start in 1920s, SUV eventually started gaining its popularity in urban as well as rural market. It became the popular choice among drivers. Having spacious seating capacity of a large vehicle such as station wagon and horse power of full size truck, SUV became the perfect combination to meet consumers taste. This combination was not only successful but also became the popular choice among buyers as it enhanced the space and power which perfectly conclude a SUV.


Advantages of SUV

  1. Space is one of the leading SUV advantages that’s offered by prospective buyers when opting to purchase them. Typically speaking, an SUV offers higher cabin space than its equivalent sedan/hatchback counterpart. Not just in terms of legroom, but even the head & shoulder room tends to be higher in SUV’s.


  1. Flexibility too is another forte of SUV’s. There are plenty of SUV’s that come with an additional, third row of seating. These are usually folded and put away in the loading bay, proving to be handy when there’s more than four or five people wanting to travel together. Large Indian families, often prefer SUV cars for this purpose.


  1. Our road conditions being the way they are, having a SUV means that you can travel without fear of damaging the underside of the car and avoiding expensive damages in the long run.


  1. With more and more SUV’s being offered with 4-wheel drive/all-wheel drive capabilities, they are the true, go everywhere vehicles. Where hatchbacks and sedans would have to be parked and left behind, one can easily go further in an SUV, thanks to better traction and dedicated control systems.


  1. Be it in the hustle and bustle of city traffic, or motoring alongside large commercial vehicles on the highway, the high seating position offers a commanding view to the driver. This is one of the SUV advantages, as it can help the driver make informed decisions behind the wheel, during overtaking maneuvers, for example.


  1. In the past, SUV’s had to fall behind their sedan & hatchback counterparts when it came to the all-important fuel-efficiency figures. Advances made in powertrain technologies in recent years have narrowed the gap and in some cases, SUV’s have surpassed their ground hugging counterparts in the fuel-efficiency stakes.


It all boils down to one’s particular needs, when it comes to deciding which type of vehicle is right for you. So the best way is to evaluate one’s situation and go with whatever goes best as per the requirements.

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