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One of the great things about new cars is that the battery that comes fitted from the factory is good for three-to-five years. Even if they do go bad in that time, the warranty takes care of things. With used cars though, this safety net isn’t present. Moreover, there’s no knowing for sure, if the previous owner hasn’t swapped out a strong battery for one that is less reliable.


The prospect of being stranded by the road with dead electricals is a nightmare to say the very least. This is why, it is important to know how to choose your car battery.


  1. The first step is to check the manufacturer’s manual for the information you need on the battery that came from the factory. This will give you a base idea on the power & rating you’ll need.


  1. Most manufacturers however, opt for a battery that’s just adequate. When going in for a replacement, you could choose to go in for one that rated slightly higher. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard though, for the charging system should be able to cope with the higher power requirements of the new battery.


  1. Another thing, especially in used cars, is that electrical systems deteriorate with time. So if you’re replacing a battery in a used car, then a checkup is advisable.


  1. Also, one of the important steps in how to choose your car battery is knowing the electrical load requirements. This could depend on whether the car is stock or not. For example, owners typically upgrade to higher wattage bulbs, add in amplifiers & subwoofers for better sound on the move, and so on. All these would require higher levels of electrical power. So check carefully.


  1. These days, practically everyone uses maintenance free batteries. This means that there’s no more need for those weekly electrolyte level checks & top-ups. Not to mention the fact that things are indeed safer this way.


  1. When buying, opt for a battery that comes with the best after-sales support & a long life-cycle. Look for providers that offer on-site replacements & backup battery services.


Battery replacements, especially for used cars, should not be a rocket science. So long as one keeps the basic guidelines mentioned above in mind, they should do just fine.


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