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Volvo XC90 Excellence Hybrid


Rising disposable incomes , easy availability of loans and improves tech savviness is fueling the luxury automobile segment which is among the fastest growing segment.Auto manufacturers on their part are responding in style, as they roll-out one luxury model after the other, across multiple segments. In a world full of ostentatious creations, there are only a handful that can seemingly justify their fat price-tags. The Volvo XC90 Excellence Hybrid that’s been launched in September, is one such car. Here’s a quick low-down at just what it is that makes it so special:

Volvo cars have always been at the forefront of environmentally aware mobility, and the newest variant of the XC90 only pushes the envelope further. The Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform that this range topping flagship SUV is based on, was always designed keeping hybrid propulsion systems in mind.

Filled to the brim with green car tech, the XC90 in hybrid guise is powered by a quad-cylinder internal combustion motor as well as an electric motor. The former displaces all of 2.0 litres but is massaged by both, turbochargers as well as superchargers, which, apart from making it rather unique, give it a fair bit of an advantage in the power stakes. Think 320 PS power and an 8-Speed auto-box to harness it all.

The Volvo XC90 Excellence Hybrid carries on further by sporting the electric-motor placement between the front & rear axles, for an uncompromised cabin experience. The tunnel-mounted battery lithium-ion battery system ensures a low centre of gravity which pays dividends in the ride & handling stakes.

Volvo cars have equipped this hybrid XC90 with a staggering six driving modes. The ‘Pure’ mode, as the name indicates, ensures that the XC90 hybrid runs solely on battery power, sporting a 42 kilometre range that’s perfect for those runs into town.

The Hybrid mode sees the 2.0 litre IC motor powering its front axles, while the electric motor juices things up at the rear axle. Switchable All-wheel-drive means efficiency is maximized at every step.

In Power mode, the XC90 hybrid leverages both, the 2.0 litre IC motor as well as the 83 PS electric motor to maximize performance, with the latter providing a near-instantaneous torque boost, even as the petrol motor comes into its own.

Radar & camera based automated driving aids figure high on the XC90 Excellence Hybrid’s feature list. The car has an automatic braking system, that detects obstacles & independently deploys the brakes, making sure that both, occupant as well as the surroundings are safe. Then there’s the lane departure warning system, as well as the blind-spot warning system – the latter once again using the technology to see ahead of the driver’s line of sight to provide appropriate warnings.

The Volvo XC90’s price tag of 1.25 Crore (ex-showroom, Delhi) comes across as something of a steal, when you realize that it is the most powerful, yet clean emissions full-size flagship hybrid SUV on sale today.


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