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According to a formal survey most of drivers replied oil change is required within 3000, 5000 or 7500 kilometers or when the monitors displays the need for service.

Well! This is not the appropriate answer to our question. To bring yourself out from the inquisitive situation read this below article. Hope it will help you to find what you are looking for.

It is a fact that engine gets dirty and gets covered with sludge in due course of time. But getting aware about how often the car oil should be changed is not as simple as we think. During the 1970’s it was suggested that oil change is required within every 5000 Km because the old cars used out of date engines lubricated best by 10W-40 oils with lower rate of thinning while warming and higher rate of thickening while cooling

But now days we are using  high quality oils like 5w40 and 15w40 for lubricating engines, In fact the car producers suggest to change engine oils after every 10000 to 15000 Km depending on the age of the engine. Regular check is required at least once in a month. If there are any doubts regarding the density, colour or smell – go to a nearest workshop. Pay attention to the volume of the oil filled because if you are using excessive oil then you are unnecessarily dumping waste oil and bringing pressure to the engine system

Please, change engine oil more often than recommended by car maker if your engine regularly suffers from extreme operating conditions like:


  • Stop and go action during peak hour traffic.


  • Taking short trips every day then leaving your car parked for some time so that engine cools (because short trip will not allow sufficient time for condensation in the oil system to burn off, which may result in a build-up of residue on your oil cap and other cooler parts of the system. This is not harmful but it may make it more difficult to diagnose other problems that would result in similar symptoms (e.g., head gasket failures).


  • Aggressive driving in the highway for a long period (this will result in making sludge in the engine due to the evaporated water).


  • Driving in very hot weather or in dusty areas, which will lead to faster wear and tear and possible overheating of engine leading to faster degradation of oil.


Taking into account, that such conditions are common for our country, it is worth changing oil with intervals 30% shorter than recommended by car manufacturers.

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