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The general consensus about Ford cars is that they are costly to maintain. To burst this myth, the American carmaker is pressing to bring in transparency on the spare part costs. With cars such as the Figo hatchback, the Aspire compact sedan, theĀ EcoSport compact SUV, the Endeavour SUV and the iconic Mustang sports car, the carmaker is looking to build upon the reputation it has in the country.

To make that happen, Ford India’s vice president, Rahul Gautam, said that the company is letting its actions speak louder than its words by initiating changes at the grassroots level to win the confidence of its customers. For this, it has gone completely transparent with respect to the costs incurred during the replacement of parts. For starters, the carmaker has put all the costs of its components up on its website.

Mr Gautam said, “In our service price promise, we urge customers to go to the website and look up the cost of service, including labour. Customers can compare the price with what the competition offers and see for themselves that Ford is fairly competitive and even less expensive than many known brands.”

Talking about a few of the bonus services Ford customers enjoy, he said, “A person can also book a service and get a free pickup and drop. If a car has to be kept overnight, there is provision to loan a car.”

“We have the entire country covered by independent parts distributors. The customer can go to any retailer and buy the part and get the car serviced at a local garage if he feels comfortable doing so,” said Mr Gautam.

The company could not have chosen a better time to introduce the transparency factor since it has been recording upward growth in recent times, especially last month, with sales touching 7,076 units – a figure that’s surprisingly 62 per cent higher than the sales in the corresponding period last year. The defining factor was the EcoSport, which sold more than 4,000 units and was able to make it to the list of the 20 bestselling cars of July.


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