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How Shock Absorbers Work

Since early day’s shock absorber has been a critical part of the automobile. The earliest recorded shock absorber was invented by French cyclist J.M.M. Truffault in 1898 it consisted of a front fork with a suspension that used coil springs to minimized vibrations.

Since then shock absorbers have come a long way. Today nobody likes a bumpy ride or reaching the destination uncomfortable, caused due to uneven ride. If this is happening frequently then it may be due to the faulty suspension system in your car and one of its main components i.e. Shock Absorbers

The key components of Shock Absorbers look like springs with a solid bar through the center which compress and releases, as the car goes over the road surface to ensure that the weight is kept at the centre at all times. The shock absorbers helps the car wheels to be in contact with the surface all the times and help the car to brake, accelerate and turn efficiently. This way the shock absorbers safeguards a smoother and more comfortable ride, for the driver as well as passengers. Over time the shock absorbers, like other suspension parts can wear and show signs of damage.

In basic form, shock absorber works by absorbing the impact caused by bumps on the road, potholes. A piston moves to and fro inside a tube filled with oil and controls the amount of resistance to the movement. This resistance to motion converts the energy into heat, which is then released into the atmosphere

There are many different shock absorbers designed over the course of automotive history, today there are four basic types available. They are:

  • Twin-tube

The twin tube shock absorber consists of two tubes and valves. One of the two valves has a piston rod and is fitted to the outer tube while the second valve is fitted into the inner tube.

  • Mono-tube

The mono tube Shock Absorber consists of single tube with two valves. It is mostly oil filled and used in larger vehicles. When the damper compresses when of the valve gets opened and when it extends the other valve gets open and the first one closes. The amount of the fluid released depends on the speed of the bumps it gets while moving.

  • Spring Shock Absorber

The spring shock absorber uses the effect of a spring to absorb the shocks. The tighter the spring coil will be the stiffer the shock absorber will be. The spring shock absorber is fluid filled and the center of the shock absorber consists of a rebound unit.

  • Air Shock Absorber

The air shock absorber consists of an air chamber, an iron piston and a fluid. Together these work to give an excellent shock absorber that aids the suspension springs of a vehicle. The presence of compressed air in it makes it a stiff shock absorber.


How can I tell if my shock absorbers have worn?

Shock absorbers are forced to work every time we go out in the car. Thus due to the continuous use they are exposed to wear and tear. They are damaged by bad bumps or when we accidentally hit a bump.

Obvious ways of telling if shock absorbers have worn or require to be replaced, is when the car drifts as you try to turn. Even when the car go around the corner and you feel a bit a resistance as affected areas tries to pull the car in the opposite direction.

You might also notice that one tyre specifically the one on the side or at the front or back have worn unevenly. This can be a sign that shock absorbers have worn forcing the tyre to work harder than it would normally. Worn out shock absorbers affect your braking.  As per the research the worn out shock absorber can result in twenty percent increase in braking distance.

Replacing/upgrading your shock absorbers

Frequently driving over rough roads can put more pressure on the shock absorbers necessitating a replacement of shock absorbers. Use of quality aftermarket shock absorbers like Sachs, Monroe, etc. will help you to keep your car safe and sound

If you are in favour of performance suspension parts, performance shock absorbers are specifically designed to help your car handle better. This means that the ride will be more responsive.

If you are not looking for performance parts, then we have a range of different shock absorbers from various manufactures that can be purchased for all makes through




For more information on the right shock absorbers or performance suspension kits for you and your car, get in touch with one of the experts at Spareshub or call us at 020-6920-0102

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